Tuesday, June 1, 2010


MARCH 2010:

March ..... OUR FIRST YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!!! We were married on the glorious day March 13th, 2009!!! The best day of my life!!! We have had an incredible year together and spent an awesome anniverwary together. Our lives are so busy we decided to go to the cabin and take the weekend to relax and do nothing!!! We hung out, watched movies, slept in! IT was wonderful!! THe evening of the 13th we headed home to get ready, go to dinner and come home for our wedding cake! I was so excited to pull out our wedding cake we had saved to have on our 1 year ann. It tasted still pretty good after a year!

Justin knows how much I LOVE popcorn! I can eat a whole bowl by myself each night we watch our movie! He went and bought me my own HUGE bag of popcorn so I can have enough to last the year. Thanks my love!


Feb 26th is Justin's bday and we definitely partied!!!! He told me he didn't want to do anything but maybe watch a movie and not plan much. So, the day of his bday (fri) I took him to Tucano's and we watched a movie! I bought him tickets to the BYU bsktball game (which was the next day Sat) that was during the day so while he was gone I could get the house ready for the suprise party I was throwing for him that night. I had got ahold of all his buddies and family and friends (who he hadn't seen for a long time!) to invite them and they all came! I met up with Just at my parents after the game so I could stall bringing him home while everyone made it up to our house and get ready for the suprise. We had FOOD, DECORATIONS, BALLOONS, GAMES...it was awesome! I drove Justin home, knowing all our friends were out in our game room waiting for him to come it. We walked in the front door and I asked Just to take our puppy Bugs out the back door so he would have to go through the party room. He got Bugs and opened the door to the room and as he opened the door everyone yelled SUPRISE!!!!!!!!! He was so so so shocked! He just stood there! He couldn't believe not one person leaked the suprise! I had our moms make Justin's fav food for dinner, we played pingpong, pictionary, and his fav game BIG BOOTY!!!! We also watched a movie after with a bunch of the buddies! It was such a great night! Happy BIRTHDAY BabycakeS!!!

January started off with a few fun trips planned! We decided to go to Vegas for the weekend and use some of our free nights and shows for the weekend! We went to the show Voices, ate at some awesome buffets and walked the strip!
Justin wanted to make sure we made it over to the ESPN center! It was pretty awesome to see all the different sports and games on all the tv's!!

Walkin the strip!!!!! Went to the castle, Justin met a Jedi, and we definitely had to make it to the M&M factory!

This is my hand inside Shaq's hand imprint~ his hands are HUGE!!!!!

When we went to Voices they had a guest come on to dance to one of the songs, he was the top ballroom dancer from Africa and had taken #1 in USA the past few years! He came down off the stage and pulled me up during one of the songs and danced with me!!!! IT was so awesome! Kinda embarassing since I have no idea how to ballroom dance, but it was great! :)

We also made it down to NM to stay and hunt deer with one of Justin's buddy's and pro-staffers. We hiked and hiked and hiked our rears off!!! I was in for a surprise not knowing what really went into it!!!!! But, after all the hard work it paid off since I was able to be sitting in the perfect spot to see Justin shoot and kill a HUGE deer!! It was amazing!

DECEMBER:: It's been tradition for the last few years to go up for a few days to Heber Valley Camp and rent out one of their cabins with a bunch of family and good friends! We go up over New Years and have a heck of a New Years Party and tons of games all night long! We go tubing and sledding, snow shoeing, eat enough junk food for the year and just HAVE FUN!!! It's a blast! This year luckily my good friends (who live in Canada) came down to be with us---we miss Jamie and Aden, it was so fun to have them there!! Here's a few pics from the trip!
The gang playing a round of BearBearMooseMoose! This game had us rolling with laughter!
Chloe and I have our traditional pix of us in our beanies and snow gear!! We get the same pic every year in the same spot!! TRADITION!

Jamie and I just chillin! It was awesome for us to hang out like old times and catch up on what's been going on with eachtoher! Love her!
There was alot of snow up there!!! Good for the tubing and snow shoeing! The icycles were beautiful!

Friday, March 19, 2010

So, pretty much since it's mid April and my last post was......oh wait....last JULY I decided there was no way I'd beable to catch up on 9 months of LIFE, so instead of killing myself trying to blog that many months I decided to just fill you in on some of the highlights of those last 9 months. So although I can't get it all on here there are at least the highlights!

Here ya go---here is our lives in a nutshell from July 2009-Dec 2009! Now I can focus on updating from Jan 2010 to now!! Enjoy! ( sorry it's super long...and if there's tons of spelling errors it's cause I could care less...I was just typing my little fingers off:) )


This year the Losee family decided to go up to a YERT and experience how cold nature can be in the winter!! :) We headed up Heber canyon and stayed in one of Dad's friends' YERTS!

Snowshoeing all over the property!!!!

CUTE COUPLE!!! all bundled up!

Each Losee kid (and their fam) were in charge of putting together a family dinner and family activity! Hayley and Caleb's activity was to go down to Springville and play in the tumbling gym!


We were lucky enough to have Grandma Losee spend Christmas this year with us!!! She was there for the whole thing.....from late night Christmas Eve program, to Christmas morning breakfast and opening gifts! It was so fun to have her around for everything....although it was cute to see her muscle around picking up all of the Christmas paper wrapping like a little maid, she made it fun for all of us!


Just was way too good to me this year at Christmas....he got me everything I wanted and more!!! Every gift I was exstatic about!!! He did amazing!!!

Justin was so hard to shop for.....what do you get a guy who had EVERYTHING, and if doesn't he had some hook up somewhere to get a killer deal so he'll get it himself anyway!!! I totally surprised him and got him this huge tool box to put in his workshop!!! I was so excited for him to open it I knew he had no idea!!! (it was so heavy I had to have our neighbors come help me unload it from the truck and take it downstairs to hide it, then had to have dad come help me carry it upstairs under the tree and wrap it!!)

5am Christmas morning! We had to do the tradition we both grew up with---coming up/down the stairs in order of age to the gifts!!!

Christmas Eve program and gifts with the Losee clan!!

Uncle Justin was the mule who carried a wiggly Mary and Joseph!

Christmas Eve photoshoot

For an early Christmas gift I got us tickets for the BYU Vegas Bowl Football game! I knew Justin wanted to go so bad but since it was the week of Christmas they were playing we didn't think it'd be possible with everything we had going on. Well, I decided to surprise Justin and get us tickets to go down with Jeff, Brian, Sarie and some other frineds. I gave the tickets to him as an early Christmas gift so we could arrange the plans to go down! IT was so so so fun but FREEZING cold! THe wind was blowing so hard one of the plays didn't go as planned: the kicker punted the ball and as he kicked it the wind held it up in the air so when it landed it was only about 5 yards from where he kicked it! It was hilarious!

Bugsie LOVES to cuddle!! SHe will get into bed with me each night until we fall asleep then when Justin is ready for bed he'll come in and move Bugs to her kennel! She is such a sweet girl!

Dr Losee took us office girls to Vegas for a Dental Seminar. It's called TBSE.....stands for The Best Seminar Ever! IT was such a blast! We went to see Donny and Marie, went out to dinner, watched the fountain show, ate so much icecream, walked the strip!! It was awesome!

Me and Hayley's room at our hotel!

Waiting at the airport for our flight at 5 am!!!!


This year was Thanksgiving at the Richins' and Christmas at the Losee's. That's one thing about being married is you have to learn to share your time, traditions, and holidays with more families!! It gets crazy sometimes!

Borders and Staigers (my mom's sisters families) came over to spend Thanksgiving dinner and games with us! It was a blast!

Justin, Me and Bugsie's first Thanksgiving as a little family! CUTE!

Every Thanksgiving it's tradition with our family/friends to play a big flag football game over at the park! It is so much fun and such a great workout!! We play around and just goof until it's time to head home for the big meal!

I don't know who won....Justin or the dogs!

Getting all pyched for the big game!

OUR TEAM!!!!! The winners of course :)

Jeff calling the plays and telling us where to go and what to do.....
Jeff is always captain...ever since we were little...good thing he's good at it and knows the plays!


In October Jeff gets his team together and heads down to the St George softball tourney! It is such a blast! I make sure not to miss it every year!!

Caleb and Hayley came down this year too!

It gets cold down there, even in St George!!!


Justin and I had a few days off work so we decided to head up to the cabin and go on a hike and go shooting! He tought me how to shoot so I can get my concealed weapon permit!!


One of the little hikes we went on up the canyon! Beautiful view!

Just goofin!

"whatcha lookin at!??"

This year was the start of our new tradition! Justin and I through a Halloween party with our friends and family!! We had tons of Halloween food and games and even a costume party!! Here are our winners.....Cody as House, Jeff as Farmer Joe, Caleb and Hayley as hot air balloons, and Dad as Elvis!

Even Little Bugs dressed up as a Bubblebee!!!

Justin was a Biker-dude and I was his Biker-chick!

Raking Leaves!!!! Fall time means raking leaves and we found out this year how much Bugs loves loves loves playing in and chasing leaves!

So we have a plum tree and some apple trees in our backyard so we decided to put ourselves to use and not waste our plentiful backyard! We made TONS of plum jelly!!!!! We also dried some apples and plums and made our own plum fruit leather!!! It was so fun and now we have plenty in our food storage! (if you want any let us know, we seriously have tons!)

The Richins fam decided to go to the Vegas FB game vs UNLV in Vegas! We took the weekend to go spend time at the condo in St George and head to Vegas to watch the game! What a great weekend!

BYU vs UNLV baby!!!

We had great seat too! Dad and Justin almost got in a fight with this drunk dude who was bashing BYU and the Mormons...it was pretty funny!

In St George we all went over to the tennis court to play some doubles and singles! Jeff and Justin are a perfect match...they're both so good!! Justin's just takin a little break here using mom's hat as some shade! Looks good babycakes!

Katie and I playing tennis.

Tired Bugsie! She runs runs runs around like crazy and when she's tired she crashes!! On anything and everything! Her favorite toy is Justin's hot green slipper! She'll drag that thing all over....and apparantly sleep on it too!

Justin and I went on a surprise date I planned for him up on the mountain in Provo (up kinda by the Y on the mtn!) I packed a picnic dinner and got there in time to watch the sunset! It was perfect! We love sunsets!

JULY 2009
Me and the pups up the canyon! Beautiful day!

Mom, Lyss, the Border fam, and our puppies took an afternoon in the beautiful days of summer to head up to Provo Canyon to play softball, frisbee, nap, picnic....it was awesome!!!

Little Bugs is our little baby!! She has gotten so big but still acts like a little pup running and playing all over! She is a doll!